Who we are

Codemonster provides software development services to clients all over the world delivering software products on time and budget. We mainly specialize in developing web and mobile applications for our clients’ various needs. So we help our clients to achieve their business objectives with the help of our IT solutions.

We are expert in


Mobile development

Creating the mobile applications for different platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)


Website development

Backend and frontend development using ASP.NET, PHP, JavaScript,
different databases


Design development

The solution of problems through new technology design development of interfaces based on user experience


Hosting services

Providing the following services: wide range of hosting packages, 24/7 monitoring, different storage platforms, data backups


Marketing services

Providing comprehensive variety of services, including PPC, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Marketing Research & Analytics


Business Analytics

Identifying your business needs and determining solutions to your business problems including strategic planning

“If you follow your dreams and spend your life doing what brings you joy, you are more likely to find success” Richard Branson

“People work better when they know what the goal is and why. It is important that people look forward to coming to work in the morning and enjoy working.” Elon Musk

“I think we're having fun. I think our customers really like our products. And we're always trying to do better.” Steve Jobs

How we work

Definition & Initiation

This is the most important stage of any project as it sets the terms of reference within which the project will be run. Before a project starts the project manager must make sure the project goals, objectives, scope, risks, issues, budget, timescale and approach have been defined. This will be communicated to all the stakeholders to get their agreement.

Planning & Development

The key to a successful project is in the planning. Creating a project plan is the first task our project manager will do when undertaking any project. During this phase our responsible Project manager develops schedule, GANTT charts, plans dates and modes of communication with stakeholders based on milestones, deadlines and important deliveries.

Monitoring & Control

During this phase, our project manager will provide you with regular reporting of issues, risks, progress to make sure that the expected benefits will be delivered and to keep you up to date with our progress.

Sign off

This is the end of the project. On this phase we make last deployments due to change request (if there are any). We always get the customers’ agreement that the project has ended, and no more work will be carried out. Client transfers the last part of the payment and we negotiate a necessity of a future product supporting.

Our portfolio


Mobile Application

The app is designed to create a moment of retrospection and honesty with ourselves on a daily basis. With AchieveMe app you will have Personal Assistant helping increase your motivation daily

Key features:
— You can select a desired category or create your own
— You can set up & revise your daily achievements
— You can review your progress over a period of time
— You can Express Yourself in privacy


Mobile Application

Application is developed for iOS and Android platforms.
It puts an end to boring lunch lines, scrums at the bar and wasted time, by empowering you with pre-ordering and payment all from your phone. On top of this, you'll get access to special offers and discounts, plus you can keep track of your spending via emailed receipts.

Key features:
— Create an account and explore the app
— You'll be able to select from participating venues
— Browse the menu of your chosen venue, choose your order and pay with your credit card (requires a one-off card registration)


eCommerce website

Online Turf was originally conceived to help grow the business and to sell our great turf nationwide.

With products rolled out across the country, Online Turf helped forge great new working relationships across the UK and we were able to move into new product lines, such as Online Soil, Online Gravel, Online Rock Salt and more recently, Online Coal.

Conscious 2

Apple TV App

Conscious 2 is your all access pass to mindfulness, yoga and spiritual teachings online.

Through our TV quality studio we bring the intimacy and transmission of in-person workshops to you wherever you are. Events our free to view live, and by signing up for our membership platform you can access our library at your own convenience. Apple TV media streaming app allows to Log in to account, search for videos, watch it; sort videos by category.


Mobile Application

The application is developed for both iOS and Android platforms. It contains social integration with Twitter and Facebook. Works with REST API built on .NET.

Key features:
— Fashion discovery. People can find clothes using keywords search, refinements and sorting. After choosing they can buy cloth right from the app.
— Image search. Users can upload pictures of clothes to the server and get the similar options.
— In-app chat. People can create groups and dialogs to share their experience and send photos.


Mobile Application

New "fitness on demand" application with powerful geolocation technology, enabling members to find and book single or group activity training sessions in their desired location. It’s the perfect solution for both members and trainers to manage their busy schedules.

Key features:
— Search for group activities or personal training sessions in your desired location.
— Find highly-qualified, specialist fitness professionals and view their certificates
— Enabling quick and easy communication between members and trainers.


Mobile Application

Application is developed for iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms. The idea behind MeFromTheStart is to help people chronicle their lives so not a moment is lost to history. Using the application, people can upload photos and video, add captions and commentary, and share their stories on the own private social network.

Key features:
— Create a profile, based on your age it is whether personal adult or personal child.
— Create and define your own profile, add partners, children, friends and family here.
— Share your events to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.


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